Space is the worst place to get amnesia…

Do you remember the simpler times when games were pure platforming fun, encouraging us to polish our skills by throwing gradually harder and harder obstacles at the player? We do remember and we cherish these memories. These memories led to the creation of Haxor – a dynamic action game with Commodore 64-style graphics.

So, if “retro” is your middle name, we’re sure you’re gonna love the adventures of the courageous space explorer, Kla. Actually, hope it’s not literally your middle name, cause if so, you probably had a really challenging childhood.

The ancient Haxor race stands on the brink of extinction. Their reserves of necessary life energy are nearly gone. Facing annihilation, the people of Haxor have sent a team of researchers directly into a black hole.

What could possibly go wrong?

Now Kla, the sole survivor of the expedition, wakes up in an alien world. Of course she’s got amnesia. The sole survivors always loose their memories in the most inconvenient of times.

The thing is, maybe there’s a reason why she doesn’t recall her past. Sometimes remembering can be a curse.

Are you brave enough to help Kla find her lost identity by runinng, jumping, shooting and puzzle-solving? If so, please add Haxor to your wishlist so you can stay up to date with all important announcements.

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