A Matter of Pixels

We’ve experienced that the size of sprites in the game is of great importance to the project. Graphics based on the size of the field 8×8 pixels and graphics based on 16×16 pixels are two separate game creation philosophies.

We originally started the project in the lower, 8×8 pixel resolution. The sprites were very conventional and simplified. There was a clear spirit and sharp, demanding pixel-art but it was lacking detail. This is what our first prototype boss in the 8×8 pixel version looked like.

We decided to switch to the larger resolution after which the graphics gained more details, the background more taste, the opponents more of their coat. This in turn gave rise to the need for a richer palette of expression – four worlds were created, each with unique features and a distinct color palette.

The heroine of the game encounters a range of elements: electricity, vegetation, ice, and lava. We strive to make every world a new experience for the player and provide an extraordinary fun experience!

Such a change may not seem big when it comes to the numbers 8 and 16. However, this has completely changed the look of the game and bosses.

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